Riggers - Field engineers required


Job Category = Telecom/Construction

JAWS Resources Ltd is hiring foreign experienced riggers in UK. We are arranging training and all the certifications you require to work in UK. We use 2 or 3 men teams. You need to speak English but the level depends on the role within the team. You can have basic as long as within your team there will be a good speaker (usually the leader). Teams work on a rotation basis which means you don’t have to move to UK permanently. Depending on the client but we will be organizing your stay here as well as most things like specialized tools/car etc.

Location: UK

Salary: very competitive and depending on experience – no agency costs - contact us directly

Purpose of the job

 JAWS Resources Ltd is looking for enthusiastic engineers with proven record of working in telecommunication industry on 2G/3G/4G/5G. You must have good telecommunication knowledge and be able to take responsibility for the complete installation and testing if required. All tasks must be undertaken efficiently, to high standard and also using safe rigging practices and methodology. 

Responsibilities include


  • installing and aligning antennas,
  • installing/swapping MHAs, UCU, jumpers, feeders, fibre optics, earthing new equipment etc.,
  • equipment fault finding, detection, analysis and rectification,
  • testing and HOP documentation (not always)
  • working on various telecommunication base stations (e.g. Rooftops, Greenfields, Streetworks, Existing MSP structures etc.)
  • liaising with support engineers working for the operator e.g. lockdown, SOG, FOPS etc.


When do we start? 

First certifications will happen early January hence you can expect to start 2nd or 3rd week of 2020

Where do I sleep? 

We provide accommodation, you have a base in London most likely (depending on the demand) and travel to specific sites within reasonable distance - if sites are further away our client is providing the hotel